Wine estates
The Greek owners of the wine estates will give you a warm welcome, and their English speaking and well trained staff members will show you around the vineyards and wineries. You can enjoy walks around these magnificent estates while you soak up the local flavor and culture of these wines. 

  Wine Estate Kalogris
This organic winery, located in the village of Kapsia in Arcadia, is owned by the family Kalogris. In the famous wine region of Mantinia they produce wines from the Moschofilero, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A visit to their reception center, a beautiful restored stone building from the 19th century in a green environment, is more than worthwhile.

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  Kapsia - Arcadia - Peleponnese - Greece
  Palivos Wine Estate
Located in Ancient Nemea, just steps from the temple of Zeus is the Palivos Estate. George Palivos, a third generation winemaker born in Nemea, has carefully selected his vineyards in the heart of Nemea for the production of high quality wines made from local and international grapes.
George Palivos grew up familiar with the vineyards and the traditional style of pressing grapes and is is one the Greek wine industry's most dynamic characters. He is proud to have Agiorgitiko as the flagship grape for his wines that now enjoy worldwide recognition.

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  Nemea - Corinth - Peleponnese - Greece
    Semeli Estate
Semeli was founded in 1979 and produced soon excellent wines. But it is the second winery, Domaine Helios, which attracts the eye. This facility is on a much larger scale and impresses with its design, aesthetics and functionality. Domaine Helios is considered to be one of the most important developments in the wine world, al least within Greece, They create exceptional wines in alle price categories. Domaine Helios also boasts 8 guest rooms with discreet luxury and a multi-purpose space which can hold up to 400 people. 

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  Koutsi - Nemea - Corinth - Peleponnese - Greece
  Domaine Skouras
Over the last fifteen years, Dijon-trained oenologist George Skouras has brought his domaine to the forefront of Greek estates producing excellent wines with native and international grapes. Skouras was the first wine producer to blend Agiorgitiko with Cabernet Sauvignon and with remarkable results. Except from two wineries in Argolida and the Nemea area, Skouras has a state of the art reception center and winery at Malandreni, near Argos, with a spacious visitors wine-tasting and lecture hall and a magnificent cellar.

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  Malandreni - Argolida - Peleponnese - Greece
  Domaine Spiropoulos
This modern winery and most of the vineyards are located in the heart of Arcadia in Ancient Mantinia with other vineyards in Nemea. The Spiropoulos family, closely associated with winemaking since 1860, has also been pioneering in the production of organic viticulture since 1993. Their high quality wines are produced under the supervision of UC-Davis trained Apostolos Spiropoulos.

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  Ancient Mantinia - Arcadia - Peleponnese - Greece
  Domaine Tselepos
At the foothills of Mount Parnon, near the ancient city of Tegea, the Burgundy trained Yiannis Tselepos built his winery, in the heart of Arkadia. The area has a distinctive ecosystem with very cold winters and mild summers. Moschofilero, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Gewurzurtraminer have adopted perfectly to Tegea's soil and climatic conditions. The results are elegant wines which have been awarded many times during the years.

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  Rizes - Arcadia - Peleponnese - Greece
  Domaine Papantonis
Antonis Papantonis' love for vines and wines led him to the creation of a vineyard in Malandreni in de province of Argolida, and the establishment of the winery in Argos. For 15 years the winery produced only one dry red wine, Meden Agan, with a clear dark ruby color characteristic of the Agiorgitiko variety.The name of the wine stems from the well known ancient Greek motto at the Oracle of Delphi meaning ' nothing in excess'. In 2005 Papantonis presented an elegant dry white wine called Metron Ariston, meaning ' moderation is best'. It's made from the indigenous variety Roditis (65%) and from Chardonnay (35%).

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  Malandreni - Argolida - Peleponnese - Greece